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  • Aluminum Foil Pans

    Aluminum Foil Pans (18)

    Choose From a Variety Of Aluminum Foil Pans for Your Bakery, Take Out Service, or Steamtable.
  • Bags

    Bags (55)

    We are a leading supplier of paper and plastic bags in New Jersey. Choose the bags that best suit your needs.
  • Biodegradable & Compostable

    Biodegradable & Compostable

  • Black Containers

    Black Containers (30)

    Our Black Food Service Containers are the perfect choice when presentation and practicability are a priority. Heavy Duty Black Containers are the perfect platform to display, store, and transport your culinary creations. Their sleek design reflects the quality of their content. The ingenuity of their unique features will be noticed and appreciated by your guests. Many of these containers are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe. They are all reusable and recyclable. Choose the products that best suit your unique needs.
  • Boxes, Circles & Pads

    Boxes, Circles & Pads (33)

    Send your delectable baked goods home with your customers.
  • Catering Trays

    Catering Trays (10)

    Used as Catering Trays or Serving Trays. Lids Snap-on To Keeps Foods Fresh and Safe for Transport.
  • Containers

    Containers (59)

    Choose from a variety of deli containers and beverage containers for your unique dine in and take out needs.
  • Cups & Lids

    Cups & Lids (57)

    At Storesdepot we offer a variety of disposable To-Go cups for hot and cold beverages. Choose the material that best suits your needs and then top it with just the right lid. Complete your beverage service with our coffee sleeves and cup carriers. Custom Branding is now available on Foam and PET plastic cups.
  • Cutlery

    Cutlery (23)

    We stock a variety of cutlery products to meet your needs. Heavy Duty Cutlery provides for a more upscale feel and are better suited for heavier foods. Medium Weight offers a more practical and economical solution in other cases. Cutlery Kits are often just what's needed for convenience and quality. Disposable Serving Utensils are a practical solution for catered events or party hosting.
  • Disposable Apparel

    Disposable Apparel (15)

    Maintaining a hygienic environment for food and personal safety is an ongoing and constant task. Disposable gloves and protective apparel make that task easy and convenient as well as cost-effective. Protection against food contamination is the top priority. Disposable gloves and apparel also serve to protect employees' hands and clothing from stains and odors. Keep a supply readily available to ensure proper hygenic practices.
  • Food Wraps

    Food Wraps (27)

    Storesdepot stocks an assortment of food wraps. Whether you use them for cooking, protecting or serving, or all of the above we've got you covered.
  • Hinged Lid

    Hinged Lid (29)

    Hinged Lid Containers are a valuable resource for take-out service. The piece design simplifies your service. Their functionality makes them useful for a variety of edible goodies from full meals to salads, sandwiches, and everything in between. Choose the types and sizes that suit your menu items and portion sizes.
  • Janitorial

    Janitorial (54)

    A clean workspace is a safe and productive workspace. Check out our cleaning supplies and equipment for your janitorial needs.
  • Napkins

    Napkins (8)

    No matter what type of food service you have, napkins are an absolute necessity. We stock a variety of napkins to suit the needs of your unique food service. In a fast-paced sit-down restaurant, Dispenser Napkins are a great way to let customers help themselves while limiting waste and overconsumption. You can choose to use the same type of napkins to be distributed by staff to your take-out customers, or choose dinner napkins. Wet napkins are often appreciated by customers on the go to clean up after a meal. Choose the type and style that best suits the needs of your food service. Napkin dispencers are available upon request.
  • Other Products

    Other Products (19)

    Essential Products To Keep on Hand.
  • Plates, Bowls & Trays

    Plates, Bowls & Trays (28)

    We understand that choosing the right plate, bowl or tray is an essential part of the presentation and portion control. We offer a wide variety to suit your needs.