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Black Containers

Our Black Food Service Containers are the perfect choice when presentation and practicability are a priority.

Heavy Duty Black Containers are the perfect platform to display, store, and transport your culinary creations.

Their sleek design reflects the quality of their content. The ingenuity of their unique features will be noticed and appreciated by your guests. Many of these containers are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe. They are all reusable and recyclable.

Choose the products that best suit your unique needs.

  • Black and Clear Salad Bowls

    Black and Clear Salad Bowls (4)

    These Super Bowl Salad Bowls by Fineline are Top of the Line. The Clear Dome Lid Keeps Contents on Display While Providing a Secure Stacking System. Lids Snap Shut to Ensure Safe Transport.
  • Black Catering Trays

    Black Catering Trays (5)

    Use Our Black Catering Trays For Your Creative and Unique Party Trays. The sleek black trays are the perfect platform for a variety of sumptuous offerings. The Clear Domed Lid Fits Securely On The Tray To Maintain Freshness, Food Safety and Visibility.
  • Black Meal Prep Containers

    Black Meal Prep Containers (17)

    Premium Quality Containers for an upscale and practical presentation of your menu items. Clear dome lids are included with all containers and provide a clear view of the contents. Our heavy duty black microwavable containers are also freezer and dishwasher safe, reusable and recyclable. The lids snap into place to facilitate worry free transport and food safety. Choose from a variety of sizes and configurations to customise your unique needs.
  • Black Souffle Cups

    Black Souffle Cups (3)

    Serve Condiments and Sauces in Style with These Black Souffle Cups and Lids. Keep portion sizes in check while still offering that special sauce that turns good food into great food. Lids snap on securely for worry free transport of take out items. Use without lids for your dine in service.
  • Chicken Roaster

    Chicken Roaster (1)

    Use these premium quality containers for an upscale presentation of your roasted rotisserie chicken. These chicken roaster containers were designed to maintain the quality of freshly roasted chicken, maintain food safety, and transport worry and mess free. These quality containers can withstand temperatures of up to 180 F. The raised bottom allows air to flow freely under the chicken to maintain taste and texture. Bases and Lids are made of a durable crack resistant material. Lids fit securely on the base for worry free storage and transport. Microwave Safe.