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We stock a variety of cutlery products to meet your needs. Heavy Duty Cutlery provides for a more upscale feel and are better suited for heavier foods. Medium Weight offers a more practical and economical solution in other cases. Cutlery Kits are often just what’s needed for convenience and quality. Disposable Serving Utensils are a practical solution for catered events or party hosting.

  • Cutlery Kits

    Cutlery Kits (3)

    Cutlery Kits are Sealed Packs Containing a Fork, Spoon, Knife, Napkin, Salt and Pepper. Cutlery Kits are a hygenic and convenient way to make sure your take out customers have everything they need. The Kits are available in Heavy Weight or Medium Weight.
  • Heavy Weight Cutlery

    Heavy Weight Cutlery (9)

    Heavy weight disposable flatware reflect the quality of the food being served. The heavier weight and longer length lend a sense of quality and value to your foods. Choose Heavy Weight Disposable Cutlery for your more substantial foods like meat and pasta. Resistant to bending and cracking.
  • Medium Weight Cutlery

    Medium Weight Cutlery (8)

    Medium Weight Disposable Cutlery for Take Out or Dine-In. Choose medium weight for lighter foods like salad or desserts. Made of Polyproplelne Plastic. Always packed 10000 per box. Taster Spoons packed 3000 to a box.
  • Serving Utensils

    Serving Utensils (6)

    Plastic Serving Utensils for Caterers and Event Organizers.