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We are a leading supplier of paper and plastic bags in New Jersey. Choose the bags that best suit your needs.

  • Ice Bags

    Ice Bags (3)

    Our heavy duty 10 lb ice bags are available with or without a drawstring. Please note that the ice bags with a drawstring are packed 500 to a case. The ice bags without a drawstring are packed 1000 to a case. We have included the yellow ties in this category for your convenience.
  • Paper Bags

    Paper Bags (22)

    The classic paper sacks and bags are still going strong. They are a durable and reliable packaging solution for a wide variety of items. Their stylish simplicity makes for a contemporary presentation of baked goods, take-out orders, kids' lunches, and groceries. Paper bags are durable enough to be re-used by your customers before being sent to the recycle bin. Creative teachers even use them for classroom projects. Available in natural brown or pure white in an assortment of sizes.
  • Poly Bags

    Poly Bags (10)

    Poly bags are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Highly versatile in commercial kitchens, Poly bags are a convenient and economical space-saving solution for storing, displaying and portioning food items.
  • Reclosable Zipper Bags

    Reclosable Zipper Bags (9)

    With a multitude of uses food-grade reclosable zipper bags are particularly useful in commercial kitchens for portion control. Get your prep work done ahead of time and store your ingredients in these resealable plastic zipper bags. Prepare orders fresh with ingredients that are already clean, cut, and pre-measured. Space-saving disposable bags mean you won't have the added worry of dishwashing and sanitizing after use. Available in a variety of sizes. Clear plastic bags make it easy to identify the contents without labeling. Zipper maintains a tight reliable seal. Easy to re-open and close when needed.
  • T-Shirt Bags

    T-Shirt Bags (6)

    We are a Leading Supplier of T-Shirt Bags in the Houston Area. Bags are pre-printed with Thank You on them to let your customers know you appreciate their business. Plastic T-Shirt bags are a good choice for take-out food, bakery boxes, and groceries. Available in Jumbo to small sizes. Custom Printing is Available on the Large Heavy Duty Size (TSFULL) Give Us A Call For Details.
  • Trash Bags

    Trash Bags (6)

    Storesdepot offers a variety of different sizes of trash can liners of two basic types. Our LD (low-density) black trash can liners are stronger and more puncture resistant. Low-density liners are better suited for heavier loads, such as kitchen trash liners, where you expect heavy, wet loads of irregular or jagged-shaped items. HD (high-density) clear trash bag liners are a more economical choice for lighter loads. These liners are a more practical choice for office waste bins, bathroom bins, or other light-duty bins. Please Note: Bag dimensions need to be larger than the trash bin to allow for overhang, grasp, and closure